"I go to NEST every day I can.  I normally work with Mr. Mel.  We do fractions, math and decimals.  When I work in the back I normally work with Tanner.  He is 5'10" tall.  He is funny just like Mr. Mel.  Sometimes I work with Jonah, he helps me get done fast.  That's what I have to say about NEST.  Would you consider going to NEST?"                                     

 -Jayden, 4th grade


"I enjoy working with the students at NEST every week.  NEST has made a huge impact on the students that attend the program.  Students that don't normally complete their homework are excited about coming to NEST to get their work done.  NEST has given them the skills and the confidence they need to be successful in school."                                   

-Jennifer Timmerman, Educational Aide, Loveland City District Schools


NEST is a really fun organization especially in the summer.  We do lots of fun activities but during the school year they really help you get your work done.                                                                                                                           

 - Ethan, 7th grade

NEST is about helping people and making an impact in someone else’s life. 
— Grace, Loveland High School Volunteer


NEST is a very worthy program for extra help and meets the needs of the children here.  Exceptional!

- Tanya, Mom of 2 NEST students.


NEST has given me hope.  I am amazed at the good this organization is doing for Loveland.  The students come to NEST for help with homework and a snack but leave with a sense of accomplishment and a full heart.  I love that NEST changes lives by building relationships and investing in education.  I thank God for NEST's positive impact in our community.    

           - Mary Ellen, Adult Volunteer 



My daughter has been working with NEST for a long time and she loves it.  She always has fun and gets help with her school work.  Her grades have improved and that makes her feel good about herself and I am so proud of her.

-Debora, Mom of NEST student


NEST has been a stepping stone in my life.  Working with the kids have motivated me to be better in my life and the lives of others around me.  

-Tanner, College Volunteer


I have enjoyed coming to NEST locations and seeing so many students in their communities working together!  NEST has provided education at the doorstep of students and families to provide them the extra homework help they need to succeed!

-Craig Chmiel, Physical Education Teacher/Coach, Loveland City District Schools

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The at-risk children in our community have the potential to be influential leaders in the future.  NEST provides a safe and comfortable learning environment which allows these children to have a realistic opportunity to achieve their goals.   

- Captain Bruce Hawk, Loveland-Symmes Fire Department

I like the food!
— Zoey, 1st grader